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AEW All Out: Some Thoughts On An Amazing Night Of Wrestling

What an amazing professional wrestling event AEW put on with All Out. There were moments that kicked ass, there were wonderful surprises and there were straight up bad ass matches. AEW's All Out could go down as the event of the year and those who watched won't be shocked. All Out might rank as one of the best wrestling cards from start-to-finish in the history of professional wrestling. It was that great.

I haven't written a professional wrestling article in years. Something like 10 years. All Out did enough to get my creative juices flowing to again write a wrestling article, instead of going on Twitter to send out a long winded thread on all that I loved and didn't like.

I've watched AEW weekly since it's inception, and really do enjoy the brand and what they give fans. The wrestlers are amazing. They are what makes AEW go. They're happy and it shows in their matches and promos. Even though the promotion has been around for a couple year, this event feels like it's their "we're fucking here and we ain't going anywhere" moment. If that is true, professional wrestling is in good hands.

But that's not why we're here. This is for me to throw out some of my thoughts from All Out. Maybe i'll finally be able to get this erection down. Probably not though. LFG!!!!

A Tag Team Match For The Ages - My gawd the steel cage match between the Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers was fucking fantastic. It was definitely the match of the night, and maybe of the year, once it's all said and done. It was that great. The Lucha Bros and Young Bucks brought it and brought down the house.

AEW's tag team division is phenomenal. The Lucha Brothers and Young Bucks are the leaders of the pack and every single time they put on a match against each other it kicks ass. It seems the two teams were made for each other. Now, the Lucha Bros sit atop the tag team division and hopefully they hold the belts for a long time to come, while putting on some of their best career matches. Also, I was in my pro wrestling loving feelings when Penta got in front of Fenix to protect him from being kicked by Matt Jackson's thumbtack loaded Travis Scott x Fragment x Air Jordan 1(more on that later). What a fucking match.

CM Punk Returns To Wrestling Action - 7 years. That's how long it's been since we've seen CM Punk wrestle. Damn a lot has happened in 7 years. The wrestling world is different. But that's why he's back. He clearly wasn't happy and didn't love what he was doing anymore. It took a new promotion to entice him and get that love back. AEW did that.

Now, CM Punk is back and it was fucking amazing. But, what the hell were those tights he was wearing? I suppose i'm just not used to it, I dunno. Anyway. CM Punk and Darby Allin put on a fantastic match. Punk didn't look old, or washed at all. He obviously put a lot of work into his return, and it showed. I'm ready to see where this goes for CM Punk and who's next on his list. I can't fucking believe CM Punk is back, this seems surreal.

SURPRISES!!!!! - There were a shit ton of them, and none disappointed.

Bryan Danielson. The rumors were true, "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson is All Elite! Danielson started his AEW career in style - by cutting off his nemesis from many moons ago, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. It was fantastic, and I cannot wait for Danielson and Omega to rekindle old flames.

Adam Cole Bay Bay. Again, there were rumors Adam Cole might make his way to AEW sooner rather than later, but it was just rumor. Welp, Adam Cole came out of the heel tunnel, made his way down the AEW ramp and made it be known that he is The Elite, Bay Bay!

Ruby Soho. What a kick ass edition to the Women's division Ruby Soho will be. She comes in asa threat to the championship from the jump. Not just because she won the Battle Royale, but because she's that good. And fans love her. Ruby Riot and AEW are a perfect fit for each other.

Minoru Suzuki. Japanese wrestling great Minoru Suzuki shocked the wrestling world when he showed up at All Out and went face-to-face with Jon Moxley. Not only did Moxley and Suzuki face off, they traded strikes and Suzuki eventually hit Moxley with a pile driver. What an awesome turn of events this was. The best part? We don't have to wait for the match, because it takes place at Dynamite on Wednesday in Moxley's home town Cincinnati.

The Butcher. I know this is just a return, but it was a welcomed surprise to most. The Butcher and The Blade is an awesome tag team, that just makes the already elite AEW division that much better.

Some more thoughts...

AEW's Women's title is in good hands with Britt Baker, D.M.D. She has quickly turned into one of the best female wrestlers in the world. She will have her hands full with the winner of the Casino Battle Royale and newcomer Ruby Soho when the times comes. But first, it feels like Thunder Rosa should be in line for a title shot before the debutant Soho. Whomever Britt Baker faces should be good for AEW and its fans.

The Casino Battle Royale as a whole is a cool thought, but I wish they'd leave some time in between when one of the wrestlers enters the ring and another starts to come down the ramp. For some weird reason, my eyes go away from the person who just got in the ring to see who is going down the ramp and I feel like I miss something cool from the newest entrant. Could be me, though. Other than that the match kicked ass and showed how talented, diverse and deep AEW's Women's division is.

Kenny Omega, AEW's World Champion, had his hands full with Christian Cage in the main event. It was an entertaining match, and had the tag team steel cage match not been on the card, it would have been the best of the PPV. Omega and Christian have a great chemistry, and it shows every time they have a match. Gotta feel that Kenny Omega has a newish matchup in the near future.

It appears Chris Jericho isn't leaving AEW since he beat MJF. Much like Omega and Cage, Jericho and MJF always put on entertaining matches against each other. They just bring out the best in each other. Where these two go now is unknown, but it seems this is it, for now...

Surprisingly, or not, AEW TNT Champion Miro was in a helluva match against Eddie Kingston. In fact, Kingston took the specimen that is Miro to depths he hasn't seen since debuting in AEW. This was one of the better matches of the night on a card that was pretty great.

Paul Wight and QT Marshall did their job in letting those in attendance get rid of the erections they had through the entire All Out card prior to a fantastic show end.

A few more thoughts...

Wouldn't it be cool if CM Punk took Darby Allin and Ruby Soho under his wing and called themselves Rioting Punks? Or something like that...

That motherfucker Matt Jackson and his gawd damn thumbtack Travis Scott x Fragment x Air Jordan 1. Clearly those dudes love their kicks, shoes too, but fucking putting thumbtacks on the bottom is insanity given how coveted those are to collectors. Fuckn guy's gonna get disowned by the community at some point doing shit like that ;)

Kenny Omega versus Bryan Danielson in a 60 minute time limit match. That's it. I need that shit.

Get a feeling Adam Cole is going to take over The Elite at some point down the road. And honestly, I'm ok with that.

The Lucha Bros entrance was awesome. My gawd I adore those guys.

I really do think it's going to take a while for me to get used to seeing CM Punk wearing those leggings. I dunno...

Why tf was Bryan Danielson wearing a plain white tee when Pro Wrestling Tees is in Chicago? SMFH...

More about Danielson. I dig his new hip hop instrumental entrance music. I can rock wit it.

Without a fucking doubt in mind, AEW's 2021 All Out event ranks up there as one of the best wrestling cards of all time. What made this card so great had everything to do with the wrestlers who were already on the roster and the newly added wrestlers. The matches kicked ass and the surprises were amazing.

The Lucha Brothers and Young Bucks gave us an all-time great tag team match. Kenny Omega and Christian Cage rocked the house. CM Fucking Punk returned to the ring after 7 years. Britt Baker continues to be excellent. And so on...

AEW gave us a wrestling card that will stay in our memory for a very long time. That's what all-time great cards do. AEW brought back a love for wrestling for so many. That's not something most promotions can do. AEW left us erect for hours, and for some they're still erect - you might want to get that checked out.

This was a kick ass wrestling card that brought feelings to watchers that they didn't think they still had. Those kid aged, nostalgic feelings for wrestling. Professional wrestling is making grown adults cry, but in a great way. If professional wrestling has that kind of impact on you, welcome to the club. There are a lot of us, and the community is continuously growing. Until the next time we can cry together, keep enjoying the wrestlers and what they give us - they won't be around forever. Or will they?!

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