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If You Aren't Watching Combate Global, You Should Be

For fans of Mixed Martial Arts there are a handful of fight promotions that should be watched every time they put on a card. One in particular has a rapidly rising viewership, while putting on fantastic cards on a weekly basis. If you're not watching Combate Global on Friday nights, you should be.

Since their return to putting on fights and to our televisions, Combate Global has seen fantastic viewership numbers, coming in 2nd only to MMA's largest promotion, the UFC. Combate Global's CEO Campbell McLaren has recently taken to Twitter where he posted the ratings for MMA promotions for the week ending on Saturday, May 1st. In short, McLaren's Combate Global is killing it.

The UFC pulled in 538,000 viewers on a card that was shown on their main channel, big ESPN. Combate Global, which can always be seen on Univision or TUDN, brought in 380,000 viewers. That's just 158,000 viewers less than the UFC, which showed their card in prime time, on their main channel. Impressive numbers for Combate Global.

ONE Championship, a newbie to American television, brought in 219,000 viewers, while the PFL had an abysmal 136,000 viewers. ONE Championship had a run of Wednesday night MMA on TNT during the month of April. The PFL opened up their 2021 season and is shown on ESPN 2. Combate Global nearly tripled the viewership of the PFL - only 28,000 viewers from doing so. Again, that's impressive.

Combate Global comes on later than every other promotion, at 12:30 AM EST, 9:30 PM PST. It's a perfect nightcap for fans of MMA that are staying in, or just getting home on a Friday evening. And if you're worried about watching MMA in Spanish, there are a couple of options; turn on closed captioning or you can watch with the volume low or muted altogether. The only language MMA knows is the beautiful violence, you absolutely do not need commentary to watch the sport. Hell, half the time I have the UFC muted!

If we're going to sum up Combate Global in one word, it would have to be Impressive. What the MMA promotion is doing shouldn't be overlooked by fans or competitors. In fact, Combate Global shouldn't be taken lightly by anyone, including the UFC.

According to Campbell McLaren, Nielsen Ratings research shows that 91% of Combate Global fans don't watch the UFC. Again with the impressive stuff, but this number deserves to be talked about; 52.9% of Combate Global's audience are female viewers in the incredibly important 18-49 age group. This beat out every other top MMA promotion, including the UFC, which came in at 29.8% - a whopping 23.1% difference in favor of Combate Global.

Combate Global is one of the best and fastest rising promotions in the sport. Bottom line is if you enjoy MMA, Combate Global shouldn't be missed on Friday nights or otherwise. The studio setting and visuals are fabulous, the commentary is in-tune and fun, and most importantly, the fights are fantastic. If you aren't watching Combate Global, you should be!

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