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Monday MMA Musings

Mixed Martial Arts is a continuous revolving door of news, fight announcements, and fuckery. "Monday MMA Musings" will bring some short thoughts on all of the worthwhile happenings in MMA every single Monday.

The Fights

UFC 267 - Islam Makhachev versus Rafael dos Anjos - Typically when a former champion has a fight announced they are who fans get hyped for. Not in this case. Rafael dos Anjos is a phenomenal former UFC Lightweight champion that takes on all comers. Rafael dos Anjos is going to get a fight from Islam Makhachev like he has yet to have. At this point, Makhachev is a must-watch fighter.

Bellator Moscow - Fedor Emelianenko versus Tim Johnson - One of my personal favorite fighters is Fedor Emelianenko. His return to the cage is always an event for me. When "The Last Emperor" walks out in his native Russia it will be a beautiful and emotional scene for myself and many others, including likely Emelianenko himself. I just wonder if this will be his last fight, and if it is, calling it a career in his home country will be highly moving. I don't know if I'm ready for it, honestly.

Paulo Costa versus Marvin Vettori - A fight between the last 2 meat heads to lose to Israel Adesanya.

Alexa Grasso versus Joanne Calderwood - This is kick ass matchmaking with 2 high level MMA strikers. It's possible the winner gets a title shot next, so this is a high stakes fight.

KSW 63 - Welterweight Championship - Roberto Soldić versus Patrik Kincl - It's always nice when we get a KSW Welterweight champion Roberto Soldić fight announcement. And even nicer when we get to watch Roberto Soldić fight. Soldić is one of the great, young fighters not in the UFC and always puts on entertaining fights.

UFC 268 - Luke Rockhold versus Sean Strickland - The return of Luke Rockhold is... kind of exciting. The return of Luke Rockhold against Sean Strickland is... interesting. The lead up should be super awkward which will make this fight fun.

Rico Verhoeven versus Alistair Overeem - My gawd this is Dutch kickboxing goodness at it's finest *chefs kiss*.

The Fuckery

MMA legends Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz will fight each other - Not in MMA, but in a boxing match promoted by circus fights leader, Triller. No one asked for this and it's a total money grab using the names of 2 MMA legends. It's a garbage fight, from a garbage promoter, that i'll likely watch because I love train wrecks. And just to top the fuckery off, Oscar de la Hoya will be boxing Vitor Belfort in the main event. So yay circus fights, thanks Triller.

UFC COO Lawrence Epstein says that illegally streaming events is hurting fighters - No, what's hurting fighters is the UFC not paying them better, but sure, keep trying to pin it on illegal streaming.

Julianna Peña calling for an Interim Bantamweight title - Imagine calling for an Interim title coming off of 1 win and talking your way into a title fight against the best female MMA fighter ever.

Diego Sanchez says that Joshua Fabia uses mental manipulation and tried to mastermind a plan to get money from the UFC - What a horrible turn the Diego Sanchez story has taken. I sincerely hope Diego Sanchez gets the help he needs to turn his life around. I also sincerely hope Joshua Fabia is never to be seen again in MMA, the guy is a fraud, a bottom feeder, and doesn't deserve to be in the sport in any fashion.

Dana White comments on Cheyanne Buys financial struggles - "That's the nature of the beast"... Or just pay contracted fighters more so even if they lose, they're not still in a shit situation, idk....

The News

Alexander Shlemenko set to fight at Bellator Moscow - Finally!! Give us Alexander Shlemenko versus Yoel Romero now, damn it!! Or someone else, I guess, since Romero is set to fight Phil Davis. Schlemenko versus Romero would be a great matchup though, so maybe we will one day see that MMA goodness.

Former UFC title challenger Chad Mendes will fight in bare-knuckle boxing promotion BKFC - It'll be 3 years in December since Chad Mendes fought. That was in an MMA fight that he lost to the current Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski by knockout. It's interesting Mendes chose to fight in bare-knuckle boxing rather than return to MMA. Hopefully he does well in a new, hard hitting sport.

Bruised, a new MMA movie directed and starred by the great Halle Berry will release on November 24 on Netflix - MMA movies have been kind of meh, hopefully this one is better than the others. If anyone can do it, it's Halle Berry. Worth noting is MMA champions Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko have roles in the movie.

Jiri Prochazka will be the backup for Light Heavyweight title fight - Jiri Prochazka's UFC title fight could happen sooner than everyone thought. I don't wish anything bad on champion Jan Blachowicz or old man Glover Teixeira but, I'm not gonna lie and say I don't want to see Prochazka in the title fight because I sure in the hell do.

Israel Adesanya versus Robert Whittaker 2 to happen next year - UGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Cyril Gane wants to fight UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in France - Europe isn't exactly doing well with COVID and there have been new restrictions put in place by the French government. So, would the Ngannou-Gane Heavyweight title fight taking place in Paris, France be awesome? Hell yes, given they're both French, but it's not looking good at the moment. Las Vegas or Abu Dhabi are likely where this massive Heavyweight title fight will take place.

These were just some of the talking points from the past week in MMA. Come back next Monday and all of the Monday's after that for more "Monday MMA Musings", where there will be more The Fights, The Fuckery and The News!

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