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Saul "Canelo" Alvarez Versus!?

Now that Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (56-1-2) has moved past yet another opponent in a fantastic way, it's time to start thinking about what's next for him. Canelo beat Billy Joe Saunders in the 8'th round after Saunders didn't get off the stool to go back and fight the 9'th round. Saunders suffered a fractured right orbital bone from a vicious Canelo uppercut.

There are great potential matchups for Canelo. Some are better than others. Here are 6 potential opponents for Canelo Alvarez!

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez Versus!?

Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (41-1-1) - The 2 have already fought twice. In their 1st fight, Canelo and Golovkin fought to a draw. Their 2nd fight, which took place in September 2018, went to a decision in which Canelo won. Even 3 years later that decision is still a heated argument between fans of Canelo, GGG and boxing.

The thing about this fight is it feels like there is unfinished business between the 2 boxing greats. Many think "GGG" was robbed in the 2nd fight, and many were fine with the decision. A 3rd fight would bring a massive amount of eyes, and a huge amount of Pay-Per-View buys. Now that fans are back in attendance, if a trilogy fight is to happen, the time is now, since Golovkin is 39, and while fans are still interested. Both Canelo and GGG are interested in a 3rd fight, so it's likely to happen at some point.

Caleb "Sweethands" Plant (21-0) - If Canelo chooses Caleb Plant as his next opponent, it's strictly to become a unified champion. Plant holds the IBF Super Middleweight title, while Canelo holds all of the others.

If Plant wins the Canelo Alvarez lottery, it would be the largest and likely most lucrative fight of his career. A chance to unify belts, and a division against the current Pound-for-Pound best fighter in the world ins't an opportunity every fighter receives in their career. For Plant, this fight makes complete sense even if he would be a massive underdog. For Canelo, it makes sense for the fact that he would likely hold all of the belts in the Super Middleweight division and keep adding names to his resume and storied career.

Jermall "Hit Man" Charlo (31-0) - The question here is whether Middleweight champion Jermall Charlo can talk his way into Canelo giving him a fight. As of now, there is still plenty of work to be done for Jermall Charlo in his own division, including a fight on June 19th against Juan Macias Montiel for his WBC Middleweight title. If Charlo makes easy work of Macias, then calls out Canelo in the post-fight interview, he might catch the ears of the boxing great. For now, Charlo should focus on the Middleweight division.

Artur Beterbiev (16-0) - If Canelo decides to move up in weight and fight in the Light Heavyweight division again, WBC and IBF champion Artur Beterbiev would be his biggest challenge.

Just a couple of years ago (2019), Canelo moved up to Light Heavyweight, fought and knocked out longtime champion Sergey Kovalev in the 11th round. This was Canelo's 1st and only fight at Light Heavyweight. Beterbiev is a knockout machine, having 16 wins and ending all by knockout. A matchup between Canelo Alvarez and Artur Beterbiev would put wonderful boxing technique and intelligence (Canelo) up against straight raw power (Beterbiev). It would be a phenomenal boxing match.

David "El Bandera Roja" Benavidez (24-0) - By far the youngest in this list of potential opponents for Canelo Alvarez is 24 year old former WBC Super Middleweight champion David Benavidez.

"El Bandera Roja" would bring youth, along with a height, reach and speed advantage against Canelo Alvarez. Benavidez might be young, but he's been in plenty of fights and a majority of the wins have come via a stoppage. The matchup would also bring a story line we haven't seen in a while, 2012 against Josesito Lopez, for Canelo; a Mexican fighter against a Mexican-American fighter. The story line could peak fans interest, but the fight would be a good one as well.

Errol "The Truth" Spence Jr (27-0) - Out of all of the potential fights for Canelo Alvarez in this list, Errol Spence Jr. is likely the furthest away from being an opponent for the Pound-for-Pound king. But, it's a dream Super Fight for fans of boxing.

If, and that's a massive "IF", Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr. are to ever fight, it absolutely has to happen in Spence's home state of Texas. Canelo Alvarez fought the U.K.'s Billy Joe Saunders and brought in a U.S. indoor attendance record with 73,126 fans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Both Canelo and Errol Spence Jr. would bring in the fans and it is a true boxing Super Fight that fans would be excited for. If the fight were to happen, it's likely a couple of years away, as there are better options for both champions at the moment.

Whoever Canelo Alvarez picks to be his next opponent, one thing is for sure, they will get the fight of their career, along with a massive pay day. Canelo Alvarez is a huge draw on Pay-Per-View in a time where most people are looking for ways to watch without paying. Canelo fights, people watch. That's why who he picks to be his next opponent is so important.

As fans of boxing, we're getting a treat every time Canelo Alvarez enters the ring. It's always a show, and we get to watch a Pound-for-Pound king. Canelo Alvarez is a generational boxer that brings the best out of himself and his opponents. This is why Saul "Canelo" Alvarez Versus is of utmost importance to the sports of boxing, fans of the sport, potential opponents and, of course, the great Canelo Alvarez!

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